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A header-only multi-purpose library designed to help me get started with my projects. It includes frameworks for logging, events, input, memory, thread and network+serialization and has some additional stuff like: a bitset class with iterators for true and false position, stream manipulators and parsers and an easy to use random number generator.

Source code:

Year: 2016 - 2018
Tags: cpp lib

gglib & gglib2

GGlib and GGlib2 were libraries I used to develop between 2013 and 2017. They served as a sandbox to help me to learn about the new features of the C++11 standard. I also found a great use of them while working on other side projects. Due to some early design choices (including too heavy use of virtual function calls) I finally decided to send them into retirement and started working on the successor: librazzie.

Source code:

Year: 2013 - 2017
Tags: cpp lib

Potato Game

PotatoGame is a procedural generated game about little potatoes with customizable AI (which was only done on paper). The goal is to have them win the game for you by gaining world domination. This was my second large game project (in terms of time and effort spent on it), but eventually I lost interest and motivation after forcing myself to work on it and focusing too much on the future outcome. I’m very proud of this project, but I gave up on ever finishing it.



Source code:

Year: 2016 - 2017
Tags: cpp 3d game procedural demo


RazzGravitas is a simple multiplayer game about gravity. At the time of making it I just gave up on a somewhat larger project and I needed to give myself a smaller task that I can prove to be able to finish. The sole objective was to experiment with something simple with no regrets about design decisions and no promises about the outcome. After about a month of development it ended up having multiplayer support with competitive game rules I’m satisfied with. I consider the game finished.


Source code:

Year: 2017
Tags: cpp 2d game

Floating Islands

Floating Islands is yet another example of my experiments with procedurally generated terrains. I developed an algorithm that takes island positions and island connections as input parameters and generates a 3D grid world using a Perlin noise internally. I also focused on the cartoonish design with edge outlining and also had an A* pathfinder algorithm set up for the little red cube.


Year: 2016
Tags: cpp 3d procedural demo

Ground Tool

The idea behind the demo was a game with floating islands. Though this game never made it to the reality, Ground Tool was born as a result of experimenting with the rendering of these islands. The user can draw a polygon border to the island and when all points are connected, the program generates an island which can be inspected by zooming and moving the camera around.

Source code and binary:

Year: 2016
Tags: cpp 3d procedural demo


Hexagon is very similar to the Minecraft clone, but I wanted to try rendering hexagon blocks (hexagonal prisms to be correct) instead of cubes. The underlying datastructure is still a 3D grid of Perlin noise. One of the main differences is that this demo does not use textures, but has a custom shader that draws grass or rock detail based on the normal vectors.

Source code and binary:

Year: 2015
Tags: cpp 3d procedural demo


Prepi is an indie game project I was working on together with a friend. It was intended to be a rage game with puzzle elements. We took it so seriously we both quitted our jobs to be able to work on it full-time. After several month of development we reached a point where we wanted to introduce our game to the public via an Indiegogo campaign. Unfortunately the campaign failed, mostly because the lack of media attention (neither of us were expert on the topic). Also the game was probably in too early phase to show it to the public. Due to the failure of the campaign and smaller disagreements regarding the game design we decided not to continue the development.


Source code:

Year: 2014
Tags: cpp 2d game

Minecraft clone

Minecraft clone is a graphics project I worked on during the final year of the university. Contrary to its name it is not a real clone, it features no game elements. My primary motivation was the recreation of a Minecraft-like rendering in C++.

Source code and download:

Year: 2011 - 2012
Tags: cpp 3d procedural demo

My open source work tagged with cpp

[razzie] hobby-projects
A collection of my notable hobby projects
  • [91cc0e73] Added s3proxy - Gábor Görzsöny (2023-02-05 00:27:08 +0000 UTC)
  • [0f34d998] Update - Gábor Görzsöny (2023-02-05 00:26:32 +0000 UTC)
  • [5d97727e] Moved razchess to 2023 - Gábor Görzsöny (2023-01-25 12:14:34 +0000 UTC)
[razzie] librazzie
A header-only multi-purpose library designed to help me get started with my projects
  • [d11aa68f] Added more dynamism to deserialization type hashing - Gábor Görzsöny (2018-11-26 03:59:07 +0000 UTC)
  • [36254de3] Fixed Deserializer with multiple T types - Gábor Görzsöny (2018-11-26 01:48:19 +0000 UTC)
  • [11d68313] Minor logger improvements - Gábor Görzsöny (2018-11-25 17:48:28 +0000 UTC)
[razzie] dummyserver
A simple TCP/UDP IPv4/IPv6 capable server that relays all incoming packets to other connections. It is designed to be a plug-in solution in early stages of client game code development.
  • [74d5b5f8] Bugfixes - Gábor Görzsöny (2017-08-27 10:07:42 +0000 UTC)
  • [31ab5eae] Deleted unnecessary librazzie headers - Gábor Görzsöny (2017-08-26 23:06:16 +0000 UTC)
  • [31a692f4] Restructured code - Gábor Görzsöny (2017-08-26 11:03:11 +0000 UTC)
[razzie] gglib2
  • [8e9c2ba9] Added doboz::Compressor member variable to ResourceCreator in hope of building a better compression ... - Gábor Görzsöny (2017-02-27 03:25:55 +0000 UTC)
  • [04f1fd25] Enabled UDP networking - Gábor Görzsöny (2016-01-20 03:55:07 +0000 UTC)
  • [c266048d] Objects can be added to and retrieved from IResourcePool - Gábor Görzsöny (2016-01-19 22:11:50 +0000 UTC)
[razzie] gglib
  • [6a22595b] restructured the content of util.hpp into files - Gábor Görzsöny (2014-03-23 22:12:38 +0000 UTC)
  • [47d73c7c] built-in console commands became hidden - Gábor Görzsöny (2014-03-23 14:28:11 +0000 UTC)
  • [36bf0b86] injecting logger hook to the dll's cout - Gábor Görzsöny (2014-03-23 01:21:53 +0000 UTC)